Build, customize, and promote courses effortlessly with cutting-edge tools and constant personal support
Learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials or learning and development programs
For all online education businesses
Online Classes, Teaching & Consulting
Corporate Training & Employee Onboarding
Higher Education & Online Tutoring
We've conducted analysis into the strengths and weaknesses of the world's most successful platforms
A long path has already been covered for you
We combine our 15 years of educational experience and customer feedback through CustDev interviews
We created a platform for ourselves, refined it for maximum usability, and transformed it into a multipurpose LMS solution
Solution for main areas of your business
LMS WI stands as a comprehensive solution, covering the entire business process cycle from content publication to elevating the Lifetime Value (LTV) of every customer. With features tailored for seamless content delivery and engagement, WI LMS ensures a holistic approach to optimize and enhance your business at every stage
Content Creation
Compliance & Secureness
Service & Support
Marketing & Sales
Customers Engagement
Processes & Operations
WI LMS V.S. Custom Development
WI LMS streamlines the process, allowing you to bring your project to market with less time and resource investment, significantly accelerating its return on investment
Time to Market, months
Development & Launch Cost, $
Support Cost, $
Simple & Easy-to-use
We'll teach your team – no prior technical knowledge needed
No Tech Skills Required
WI LMS is quick to learn and launch
Quick Launch
Uploading and customization of learning materials is incredibly easy
Simple Course Creation
WI LMS is equipped with a multilingual framework, enabling you to offer multiple versions of the same course with fully localized content and a platform interface tailored to different languages, providing a global learning experience
Intuitive Interface
WI LMS boasts an intuitive and user-friendly UI, designed to make your learning and administrative tasks straightforward and enjoyable
Built by Experts
WI LMS is built on the foundation of Woman Insight online course platform, crafted by education experts with years of experience and a wealth of successful expertise, uniting the best of multiple experts and products
Custom Branding
WI LMS empowers you to customize the platform's user interface to align with your brand's distinctive colors and branding, ensuring a unique and personalized learning environment
Personal Support
We're with you at every stage, ensuring your success. Our support team is here for you from the initial setup and team training on WI LMS, to ongoing technical assistance, and helping you discover optimal solutions to bring your ideas to life. We will assist you in overcoming any technical hurdles on your path to business growth
Security is more than just a feature; it's a core principle. We go the extra mile to ensure your data is safe and your learning environment is secure:
We never store user passwords, enhancing your peace of mind

Our role-based access system ensures only authorized individuals have access

Encrypted traffic protects your information in transit

We maintain control over the number of simultaneous user sessions

Safeguarding your platform's performance and data integrity
Technologies & Integrations
WI LMS integrates effortlessly with powerful services, streamlining processes across key areas of your business for rapid scalability. This synergy between our LMS and these services ensures swift growth and efficiency at every turn, making your business's expansion seamless and achievable
Mobile First
LMS WI is designed to be truly cross-platform. We're mobile-first, meaning that LMS WI is optimized for mobile devices from the ground up. Whether you're on a smartphone or laptop, you'll have a user-friendly experience. Additionally, we offer a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that allows you to access our platform with all the advantages of a native app
Data Analytics
WI LMS features a comprehensive analytics system that covers marketing, sales, user behavior, and is distributed between built-in admin analytics and integrated reports from PowerBI and Zoho Analytics, providing you with a wealth of valuable insights
Customer Engagement
LMS WI features functionality that engages users, enhances their retention, provides them with the opportunity to communicate, and encourages the completion of course materials. All of these elements contribute to repeat purchases and subscription renewals, creating conditions for the continuous growth of your business
Automated Graduate Certification System
Diagnostics, Tests & Quizzes
Smart Note-Taking System In Media Lessons
Homework with Automatic and Manual Grading
Convenient System of Consultation Scheduling
Smart Note-Taking System In Media Lessons
Sales & Marketing Tools
Explore the powerful functionality designed for effective customer attraction and monetization. WI LMS empowers you to transform engagement into a sustainable revenue stream
Recurrent & one-time payments
Personal banner system
Affiliate system
Custom sales & promo codes
Easy customization of sales page
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Easy Administration & Control
We've streamlined the administration processes to be incredibly user-friendly, flexible, and conducive to creative expression with minimal effort, resources, and time
Flexible Course Scenario Management
Adapt and refine course scenarios with ease, tailoring your learning experience to your unique goals
Effortless Course Creation and Design
Simplify the process of course creation and design, empowering you to bring your educational vision to life effortlessly
Versatile Pricing Model Options
Choose from a range of flexible pricing models, allowing you to structure your courses in a way that best suits your business
Varied Administrative Roles
Assign different administrative roles to team members, ensuring the right people have the appropriate level of control and access
Comprehensive Administrative Toolkit
Access a comprehensive set of administrative tools, putting you in control and streamlining course management.
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About us
Who we are
WI LMS is a proud member of the Woman Insight ecosystem, a brand with over 15 years of experience in creating educational products and IT solutions for their delivery and promotion. Within our diverse portfolio, you'll find Community WI, a multi-platform international women's development subscription community, and the Woman Insight Online Courses platform.

Driven by the passion and support of our users, Woman Insight Online Platform has evolved to become the foundation of WI LMS. We're dedicated to providing innovative, user-centric, and effective learning management solutions to empower learners and educators worldwide. With our deep roots in education and technology, WI LMS is committed to making a lasting impact in the field of online learning
Our mission
Our mission is to redefine the landscape of online education by crafting innovative products that will make it popular and accessible to millions worldwide
About WI LMS
Svetlana Kerymova
  • Founder of WI LMS
  • Founder of Online Community WI
  • Founder of Woman Insight EdTech Platform
We believe that education should be inspiring and straightforward. The same should apply to the business processes within online education. Our goal is to create innovative educational solutions that help you explore new horizons. And do so easily, engagingly, and enjoyably!
Den Gorbunov
  • Product Owner WI LMS & Woman Insight EdTech Platform
When creating WI LMS, we drew upon our own experience in developing educational platform. We aimed for administration to be easy, for our system to be versatile and capable of addressing any challenge, and for every customer to experience comfort throughout their journey.
Alina Kostylova
  • Head of Client Service Dept at Woman Insight EdTech Platform
We've been consistently engaging in СustDev interviews with our users. Our goal is to make the platform as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. These researches have been instrumental in developing new features to satisfy clinet's needs.
Roman Kolos
  • Head of Tech Support Dept at WI LMS
We're dedicated to providing quick support to our clients at every stage of launching their businesses on WI LMS. You will never be left alone with a question or idea you have.
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